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Door to Door Fitness LLC, is a mobile fitness business which promotes health and wellness through physical activity and exercise. As a health- and fitness-focused company, we bring a range of services to help people achieve their fitness goals and live healthier, happier lives. With experienced and highly-trained fitness skills, we offer various cardio programs--from low-impact aerobics and yoga to specialized boot camps and 5Ks--around the metro-Atlanta area that serve our diverse set of clients of all ages, socio-status, ethnicities and fitness levels. 

Our flagship program is the annual Taste of Healthâ„¢ 5K run/walk event held at the Samson Health & Fitness Center (SHFC) in Stonecrest, Georgia. The 5K aims to raise funds to enhance fitness programs and equipment at the SHFC and support a local charity that helps people improve their health. In 2018, we awarded $500.00 to Kids Doc On Wheels.  

Door to Door Fitness services are provided under contractual agreements. We do not promote any type of detox program, meal planning or preparation of food for purchase.